Wout Weghorst speaks out after super bad performance against Gibraltar

Striker Wout Weghorst had his share after not being able to score against Gibraltar, claiming he had made efforts but luck did not come to him.

The Netherlands beat Gibraltar 3-0 in a Euro 2024 qualifier in Rotterdam, but it was a game where they missed too many chances. Ronald Koeman’s team had a total of 51 shots, but 39 of them missed the target.

Striker Wout Weghorst is probably the most disappointing player in this match. He had 4 clear opportunities but could not take advantage, even the player born in 1992 had 2 saves for the visitors, when he blocked the shots of his teammates.

Wout Weghorst speaks out after super bad performance against Gibraltar

According to statistics, Weghorst finished 9 times against Gibraltar but failed to score, while defender Nathan Ake scored a brace. With his poor performance, the player playing for MU on loan has received a lot of criticism.

Since joining MU on loan from Burnley in January, the 31-year-old has only scored 2 goals in 18 appearances. The latest, Wout Weghorst has shared after failing to score against Gibraltar. When asked: “Wout, imagine the Netherlands will face Gibraltar again in 48 hours. Did you score a goal?”

He replied: “Good question. At least I have more time. I tried my best, but really I was unlucky in the last match.”

Witnessing Weghorst’s interview, fans on MXH continued to criticize him. Earlier, speaking after the game against Gibraltar, he told ESPN: “There were a few situations where I almost scored, but only narrowly. As a striker, my duty is to score. goals in all kinds of games. I’m really unhappy not being able to score against Gibraltar.”

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