Worst Chelsea since 1993

Chelsea continues to disappoint when losing 0-2 to Real Madrid, the ability to score is a big problem for the London team.

Chelsea as a guest on Real Madrid’s field in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2022/23 with a series of 4 consecutive matches without winning, including 2 draws and 2 losses. With a bad form, the squad lacks cohesion and has to be a guest, they are expected to face many difficulties at the Bernabeu.

As expected, Chelsea did not perform much against Real Madrid. Their attack had a few opportunities but could not take advantage, while the defense continued to not maintain the necessary concentration, creating conditions for Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio to score 2 goals for the home team.

Chelsea have a series of 4 consecutive matches without scoring

Losing 0-2 in Spain, Chelsea raised the number of consecutive matches without winning to 5. According to statistics, this is the first time Chelsea have not been able to score in 4 consecutive matches in all competitions since May. December 1993.

Out of the 4 matches that Chelsea did not score, they received 3 defeats against Aston Villa (0-2), Wolves (0-1) and Real Madrid (0-2), the other match they got a 0- draw result. 0 against Liverpool. The Blues strengthened their attack in January, but that has not shown the effect.

Now with a 0-2 loss at Real Madrid, the London team will have to try a lot in the second leg at home. They need a miracle to overcome Los Blancos, thereby putting their name in the semi-finals.

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