Winning Newcastle, Arteta confirmed Arsenal still had a chance to win the title

Coach Arteta insists Arsenal still believe in the possibility of winning the title this season after winning at Newcastle.

Despite having to play on a difficult field of Newcastle, Arsenal stood firm and won 3 full points. Martin Odegaard opened the scoring early before Fabian Schar’s own goal sealed the victory for the “Gunners” in the second half.

Winning Newcastle, Arteta confirmed Arsenal still had a chance to win the title

This victory helps Arsenal more confident in the ability to win the title this season. And the championship race is guaranteed to be exciting until the final rounds.

After the match, coach Arteta shared: “The players performed very well as guests in a difficult field. The desire to win, the strong belief brought about a very important victory. We had to win today and we did everything we could.

Sports always give you another chance, and you have to take it. You have to learn from difficult times, find a way through it. The whole team played very well today.

You have to get through the pain and emotions at a difficult time. You mustn’t forget it if you want to get better. You have to realize that at any given moment you have that feeling. It’s a lousy emotion, and you don’t want to go through it again. You have to do your best, you can still fail, but today’s story must be different.

Jorginho was outstanding. He was the best player in this game. There are question marks because this is a physical match. But if you want to beat your physical strength, you have no chance of winning the match. So we tried something different.

Jorginho knows the game well. He is a very smart player. He ensured the safety of the team and dominated the game at various stages.”

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