Why Man Utd wants to leave Old Trafford

According to Football Insider, the 26-year-old midfielder has proposed his desire to leave with the management of Man Utd.

An exclusive source from  Football Insider said,  Scott McTominay has proposed his desire to leave with the management of Man United. If the Scottish midfielder continues to regularly befriend the bench, he looks forward to leaving Old Trafford in the summer of 2023.

The appearance of the invisible duo  Casemiro and Christian Eriksen makes McTominay’s playing opportunities increasingly narrow. Recently, there have been many rumors about the future of McTominay.

McTominay has an uncertain future.

A number of foggy teams are interested in the 26-year-old midfielder, including Newcastle United. Chick once had a plan to ask to buy the Scottish star in the winter transfer market, but  Man United  refused to push McTominay away.

The situation may reverse when the 2023 summer market opens. McTominay is a product of the youth training academy of Man United. He has more than two decades with the Red Devils.

Once received many expectations, but McTominay’s career could not break through. Finding a new destination is considered a reasonable solution for the current McTominay career.

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