Why did Messi return to Barcelona with 15 suitcases?

According to a new update from SPORT, Lionel Messi’s trip to Barcelona has nothing to do with his possibility of returning to the club in the summer.

Messi flyed to Barcelona last weekend, believed to be with his entire family and team with a large amount of luggage, which has added fuel to the fire as far as his possible return is concerned. Barca in the summer.

However, the  Spanish newspaper says that Messi’s visit to Barcelona is not related to the transfer rumors. Instead, the superstar just stays in the city to relax at his home in Castelldefels with his family and make the most of his break.

Messi is expected to return to Barca sooner or later.

PSG played their match last Friday night and their players have time off until Wednesday, as their next game is on Sunday. And Messi is said to come to  Barcelona  just to relax and have a good time with his family.

Neither Barca nor the player intend to hold any transfer negotiations during this visit. However, the Blaugrana are said to be working on re-signing their former captain.

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