What Frank Lampard said after the loss to Arsenal?

The English captain, Frank Lampard had his share after Chelsea’s 1-3 defeat to Arsenal in the second leg of the Premier League this season.

In the late match in the 34th round of the English Premier League, Chelsea club continued to cause great disappointment when they lost 1-3 to Arsenal. This is also the 3rd time in a row, the Blues have to receive defeat in the London derbies between the two teams.

Frank Lampard has just received his 6th consecutive defeat

And speaking after the game, the away team’s interim coach, Frank Lampard, said: “Chelsea’s performance in the first half was not good, in all respects. The players were too ‘gentle’ and passive. did not play defensively as the team’s tactic.

Chelseae has revealed gaps in the lines. We couldn’t arrange the squad as needed. We couldn’t pressurize, we couldn’t compete well against Arsenal. And if you play like that, you’ll get what you deserve.”

Lampard also admitted that entering the second half, his players showed improvement, but the manager emphasized that the Blues need to have more of the right approach through each training day.

Speaking about Chelsea’s decline this season, the former England midfielder said: “I want to be clear – I don’t question the players but from being good players. until you show it on the pitch, you have to be really aggressive and united, but we’re not like that.

Partly because the team lacks confidence but also partly because the whole team still has limitations. Chelsea have five games left and hopefully they will prove themselves worthy of being in the team.”

With the defeat to the Gunners at the Emirates, Lampard’s Chelsea club has lost its sixth game in a row. More broadly, this is also the 9th time in a row, they do not know the smell of victory on the fronts.

With this result, Chelsea continues to be at 12th place in the table and has almost run out of goals for the rest of this season. They are 10 points ahead of the relegation group and 15 points behind the European Cup group.

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