What does the 32nd SEA Games mascot mean?

At the 32nd SEA Games, the host country Cambodia selected two white rabbits as mascots, based on characters from Khmer folk tales.

Reportedly, the male rabbit with the torch in blue pants is named Borey, while the female rabbit in red pants is named Rumduol. Both are smiling, showing the warm spirit of the Cambodian people.

Borey is a male rabbit that symbolizes the solidarity of countries in the region, while Romdoul is a female rabbit named after Cambodia’s national flower.

Two rabbits Borey and Rumduol were chosen as the mascots of the 32nd SEA Games

The mascot is dressed in national costume bokator. Bokatar is an ancient martial art and a sport that has been registered by the Cambodian Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts as an Intangible Heritage and recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

According to the study, the mascot of this SEA Games was inspired by Sophea Tonsay, the rabbit character in Khmer folk tales. Sophea Tonsay has a gentle, intelligent, lovely personality, loved by many children.

From a Cambodian folk tale, the pair of SEA Games 32 mascots will show strong values in Buddhist philosophy, including justice and knowledge. The choice of 2 rabbits also honors gender equality in sports activities.

According to Khmertimeskh, the person who designed the two rabbits Borey and Rumduol is Ly Kim An, born in 1997, a taekwondo athlete, living in Phnom Penh. She won the Sea Games logo and mascot design contest, started in 2019. She said she participated in both content, but only won the mascot category.

In addition to receiving a reward of 20 million Riel (about 115 million VND), Ly Kim An also received the honor of being a goodwill ambassador for the 32nd SEA Games, and also attended the opening and closing ceremonies and watched all competitions. fight.

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