What do you see after the defeat of U23 Vietnam against Kyrgyzstan?

Thus, U23 Vietnam could not have a victory at the Doha Cup 2023 when they lost on penalties to Kyrgyz in the match for 9-10 place. And here are the takeaways from this match.

The kicking style of U23 Vietnam has not shown its effectiveness yet

Just like the previous two matches, in this third match, the U23 Vietnam team continued to deploy an attacking style of ball control at the request of coach Philippe Troussier with the goal of creating an overwhelming opponent. direction.

This tactic has helped them have many opportunities to put the ball close to the opponent’s goal. However, new difficulties immediately appeared. Because in front of the majority of Kyrgyzstan’s defense, the red shirt strikers really could not convert opportunities into goals.

U23 Vietnam has not shown its effectiveness in ball control.

Obviously, compared to the defensive and counter-attacking style that Coach Park Hang Seo has applied regularly before, Coach Troussier’s new tactics are posing bigger challenges for U23 Vietnam. Because they will have to show their talent so that they can penetrate the opponent’s crowded defense.

Obviously, compared to the counter-attack, holding the ball to attack will face greater difficulties in scoring because then there will be many opposing players appearing in the home field. And without the necessary sophistication and precision, U23 Vietnam will not be able to put the ball into the opponent’s net easily.

Public goods alarm

U23 Vietnam has not been able to score even one goal during 3 consecutive matches at the Doha Cup 2023. This is really a worrying number in the context that coach Troussier wants the students to control the game. the ball and actively attack the opponent.

Unlike the first two matches against Iraq and the UAE, in the last match when only facing a team below the range, the red shirt army had more opportunities to attack, closer to the opponent’s goal. However, the lack of accuracy in the final phase made U23 Vietnam unable to score even one goal.

U23 Vietnam does not show sharpness in attack

In turn, Quoc Viet, Thanh Nhan, and Van Khang all had opportunities in this match. Unfortunately, the lack of accuracy in his footwork made it impossible for all to put the ball into the opponent’s net.

It is clear that U23 Vietnam is having problems with the ability to take advantage of opportunities. Against a moderate opponent, U23 Vietnam controlled the ball well in the home and midfield. However, in the area of ​​the last 1/3 of the yard, the decisive phase of Van Khang and his teammates lacked the required accuracy.

Taking advantage of opportunities has always been a problem for Vietnamese teams. And this will really be something that Mr. Troussier’s teachers and students will need to improve if they want to win gold at the upcoming 32nd SEA Games.

U23 Vietnam has learned many valuable lessons

With the U23 Vietnam team having to receive 3 defeats in the Doha Cup 2023, this is really a siren for the teachers and coaches of coach Philippe Troussier in the context that they are about to enter the journey to defend the gold medal. at SEA Games 32.

Looking back at the past failures, it can be seen that the ‘Golden Star Warriors’ has revealed a lot of limitations. From the loss in bodybuilding, physical strength compared to the opponent or the ability to accompany, dispute, fight against the ball of the defense to the goal-scoring skills of the attack, it is clear what the Vietnamese U23 players Nam has shown still not satisfactory.

And certainly in the next army reunion in mid-April, Coach Troussier will have to add more names. In this tournament, U23 Vietnam has not had the strongest squad when many players’ faces are retained by the teams, while others are injured. This has more or less affected the professional quality of the whole team.

This defeat has not said much, but this is also a wake-up call for the U23 Vietnam coaching staff. They will obviously have to make changes and adjustments to help the whole team confidently step into different challenges.

Obviously, through this tournament, U23 Vietnam has gained valuable lessons from having to play without people in the first match, the ability to maintain the rhythm of the ball to what extent in the second match, or control. match and exploit the spaces in front of the opponent’s goal in the third game. These are all useful lessons for young players.

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