Wenger insists Arsenal will continue to race for the title next season

Coach Arsene Wenger believes that Arsenal will continue to be in the group competing for the Premier League title next season.

Arsenal have led the Premier League for most of this season. However, the “Gunners” have lost their breath in recent times and let Man City pass.

Wenger insists Arsenal will continue to race for the title next season

Pep Guardiola’s army is the brightest candidate for the Premier League title this season. And Arsenal’s decline at a crucial stage makes fans question their ability to compete next season.

However, former manager Arsene Wenger is not worried. He thinks Arteta has built a team that can compete well for many years to come.

“In every position in the squad, we have a player who has the potential to bring titles. If not this year, it will be next year. Quality was evident. The team is also moving forward and is very young.

I like the way they play. They are very mobile, have smart decisions around the penalty area. They play well together and all the essentials are there.”

Arsene Wenger delivers remarks upon being inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame. Those who are enrolled in the legendary Premier League temple in 2023 with Wenger include players Tony Adams, Rio Ferdinand, Petr Cech and rival on the coaching bench is Sir Alex Ferguson.

Wenger and Ferguson were the first coaches to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. These are the iconic Premier League managers with a long tenure with Arsenal and Man United.

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