Wave of layoffs at Barca

The difficult financial situation forced Barcelona to continuously cut staff before the new season started.

Barcelona continued to face financial difficulties. Photo: AS.

According to AS, Barcelona decided not to renew the contract of the representative in charge of first-team affairs, Gonzalo Rodriguez. The news that Gonzalo was fired came as a big surprise to the players and coaching staff. Gonzalo has earned the respect and love of the entire team since he joined the team two years ago. Before that, Gonzalo had a time with the women’s team.

Replacing Gonzalo is Carlos Naval. This is another confusing decision. At the age of 68, Naval is said to be difficult to handle all the large workload at Camp Nou. However, Mr. Naval has a good understanding of the team when he has been with the Catalan club for more than 50 years.

Similarly, head of nutrition Toni Lizarraga will also leave the team after his contract expires at the end of this month. Silvia Tremoleda, first team nutritionist, will replace Lizarraga to take on both the youth and women’s teams.

The Camp Nou team also announced the closure of Barca TV at the end of this month. The decision of the La Liga champions means 120 employees in the media field have to go out.

” The precarious financial situation and the need to cut expenses are leaving a really bleak picture “, AS wrote. ” At the moment, no one is sure of their fate with Barcelona “.

What is happening proves that Barca is about to run out of money , they are just trying to create a cover for themselves, fooling everyone that the team is more than capable of triggering hit deals. Therefore, they cannot bring Lionel Messi back to Camp Nou.

On June 8, Messi announced that he had joined Inter Miami in the MLS (USA). The way Barca handled the issue gave fans the feeling that they were trying very hard to bring Leo back to the Camp Nou but the final decision came from the Argentine superstar himself.

On social networks, fans criticized Joan Laporta as a “liar”. The president of Barca was accused of never wanting to recruit Messi again. Laporta even knows that the team is broke and signing the owner of the 7 Golden Balls is impossible.

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