Villarreal stars deny insulting Valverde

Receiving a straight punch from Fede Valverde, midfielder Alex Baena has insisted he did not insult his colleague.

The Spanish media is very concerned with the incident of Fede Valverde assaulting Alex Baena. After the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal, Valverde waited for his opponent on the bus to punch him in the face, claiming that Baena had insulted his family.

In the midst of the scuffle, Valverde shouted: “If it’s good, repeat what you said about my son. I will never forget what you said. Don’t ever play with my family.”

But recently, the Villarreal midfielder shared on social networks: “I am very happy to win at the Bernabeu, but very surprised with the violence that I have to receive after this match. I’m surprised at what people say about me, it’s completely false information.”

Alex Baena denies insulting midfielder Fede Valverde

The Yellow Submarine side also released a statement: “Alex Baena was assaulted after the game while on his way to the team bus. Given this situation, the player has decided to file a lawsuit with the National Police.”

However, according to the Spanish media – especially the Marca newspaper, Real Madrid has given information related to the incident and sided with its players. Many fans also think that there must be a reason why Fede Valverde is so angry.

Currently BTC La Liga has not yet issued any penalty while waiting for everything to be over. According to information on the sidelines, the Uruguayan midfielder can be suspended for up to 12 matches for his violent behavior.

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