Van Quyet Disciplinary Case: No technical tape?

The technical tape of the situation Van Quyet nudged the chest of assistant referee Nguyen Le Nguyen Thanh was the key to the incident on Quy Nhon field.

The live image of the Binh Dinh vs Hanoi match was cut off right when Van Quyet was complaining to his assistant Nguyen Thanh.

The case of Van Quyet infringing on the referee’s body could not be closed after the Hanoi Club filed a complaint against Van Quyet’s 8-match ban by the VFF Disciplinary Committee. The VFF Complaints Committee will meet this week. They re-examined all documents related to the situation that were not on television after the match between Binh Dinh and Hanoi in round 7 ended on the evening of April 17.

The most important proof in this is the technical tape. However, this situational videotape is not mentioned in this incident. According to the research of  Zing News, the Disciplinary Committee  VFF  decided based on the report from the referee team, the supervision and recommendations of the Tournament Organizing Committee (VPF).

In fact, Van Quyet admitted the act of “swiping on the breast” of the assistant referee. He called to apologize and asked the assistant to understand. In addition, the post-match reports also showed the incident through text, so it seems that the video tape was not provided to the parties involved.

A leader of the Disciplinary Committee did not confirm but said that there was no video tape to see Van Quyet’s actions. “If there is a technical tape, Van Quyet’s disciplinary sentence cannot stop at the number of matches,” he said. A match official asserted: “It was a situation with ice”.

Technical tape of the match recorded by the match organizers. In addition, the V.League copyright holder can also record the entire event from the beginning of the match when the match ends. Specifically, the recording of the whole match was cut off at the same time  Van Quyet  was complaining to the match referee team.

There is no match tape, which is very strange compared to previous seasons. In 2021, when goalkeeper Thanh Thang reacted to assistant Nguyen Thanh by headbutting him in the face, the technical tape was later released. The disciplinary committee also watched the tape to analyze and banned this goalkeeper for 3 matches.

“We watched the video carefully and saw that Thanh Thang actively retracted his limbs, only pointed his head towards assistant referee Nguyen Thanh. In football, players often try to limit the use of limbs because it is very easy. being charged with assault and violence. Thanh Thang’s case should only be considered an overreaction”, “Dong Vu Xuan Thanh once shared.

Watching the video helps the VFF Disciplinary Committee have a more accurate view to issue a penalty whether the two sides admit the behavior or not. Because there is no technical tape or no publication of the technical tape, the Hanoi club may think that the 8-match ban on Van Quyet is unreasonable.

If the VFF Complaints Panel has a technical tape, they will have a more accurate view of the Disciplinary Board’s ban. The head of the VFF complaint settlement committee is Mr. Chu Hong Thanh, the head of the VFF disciplinary committee is Mr. Vu Xuan Thanh.

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