Van Dijk: If you can’t play C1, it’s very difficult for Liverpool to buy quality players

After being knocked out of the Champions League, Van Dijk insists that Liverpool are now forced to finish the season in the top four at all costs if they do not want to face major consequences.

Van Dijk points out Liverpool’s mandatory duty

Losing with a total score of 2-6 against Real Madrid, Liverpool were officially eliminated from the Champions League 2022/23. The Kop almost certainly went through a season empty-handed.

The most likely goal for Liverpool at this time is to reach the top 4 in the Premier League to win tickets to C1 next season. Midfielder Van Dijk affirmed that this is a mandatory task for the Red Brigade if they want to recruit quality stars in the near future to rebuild the squad.

Liverpool are almost certainly empty-handed this season after being knocked out of the Champions League.

The Dutch player expressed his opinion:

“There will be players leaving in the near future. This has been announced. Certainly, Liverpool will need to change blood in the squad.

If they want to maintain their position as in the past 5 years, Liverpool need to recruit quality players. But to do that, the team first needs to win the right to participate in the Champions League. Only then can we attract quality players.

Everyone understands this task is very difficult for Liverpool. But we will have to work hard to complete the task we need to do.”

Currently, Liverpool are ranked sixth in the Premier League, 6 points behind Tottenham’s fourth place but played 1 game less.