Tottenham’s expensive rookie causes outrage

In the past, Maddison did not regret insulting the team he had just joined

Maddison just joined Spurs.

On social networks, fans found James Maddison ‘s outraged status lines in 2012. When he was a boy of 15, 16 years old, Maddison did not hesitate to use heavy words to talk about Tottenham and the former throne. star Gareth Bale.

“I really hate Bale. He’s a nasty monkey. Jack Wilshere is 10 times better than Bale,” Maddison said. On March 10, 2013, Maddison continued to express a harsh attitude to Spurs: “Pray for Luis Suarez to sink Tottenham so that everyone knows who the monkey is.”

Tottenham fans expressed their outrage and asked Maddison to explain the controversial status lines. Until now, the player born in 1996 has remained silent.

In professional football, it is not uncommon for a player to join a club he hated in the past. A similar case happened with Jack Grealish. In the past, Grealish was a fan of Man United and once called Man City a “no-good” team and “will ruin every player’s career”. However, he was recruited by Man City and won the treble with the Etihad Stadium team last season.

Leicester City have reached an agreement with Tottenham over the case of Maddison. “Rooster” will pay 40 million pounds for the team that has just been relegated from the Premier League to recruit the midfielder in 1996. The English player himself has also agreed to personal terms with Tottenham in advance. He will receive a salary of 170,000 pounds a week at the new club.

Maddison is Spurs’ first rookie in the summer of 2023. Previously, the North London team activated a buy-out clause to keep Pedro Porro and Dejan Kulusevski at Tottenham Stadium long-term.

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