Thomas Partey decided to have enough with Jack Grealish

Thomas Partey and Jack Grealish had a fiery collision in the match at Etihad Stadium, the collision situation caused both to receive yellow cards.

The situation took place in the second half, Thomas Partey was cut down by Bernardo Silva, before Jack Grealish unnecessarily elbowed the Arsenal midfielder in the back. The Gunners midfielder staggered but remained steady and charged towards Grealish.

The collision situation between Thomas Partey and Jack Grealish

The former Atletico Madrid star swung his hand in the face of the Man City player, causing Grealish to fall back before the England international reacted harshly. Grealish had grabbed Partey by the collar. After that, the pair was quickly separated by Bukayo Saka and several other players from both sides.

Referee Michael Oliver showed both Grealish and Partey a yellow card. And Partey then was lucky not to receive a second yellow card at the end of the game when he had a wrestling situation with Erling Haaland. Earlier, Arsenal fans also asked the referee to show a red card to Ruben Dias after a foul on Ben White.

Man City played better and won 4-1. This result leaves Man City only 2 points behind Arsenal and has 2 games left in hand. The green man is now taking advantage of the race to the championship.

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