This! Difficulties Bukayo Saka will face in the future

Arsenal legend Paul Merson has revealed the problem Bukayo Saka, who is playing prominently at Emirates Stadium, will face in the near future.

Bukayo Saka is in great form this season, scoring 12 goals and providing 10 assists in 28 Premier League games to help Arsenal climb to the top of the table, leaving second-placed Man City eight points behind. The Gunners are aiming to win the top league in English football since the 2003/04 season.

The 21-year-old has grown from the club’s youth system, being named Arsenal’s Player of the Season for the last two seasons in a row. Saka won the FA Cup with Arsenal in 2020, if Arsenal win the EPL this season, he will become a strong candidate for the title of player of the season.

Paul Merson has revealed the problem Bukayo Saka faces in the future

But despite Saka’s brilliant form this season, Arsenal legend Paul Merson still issued a warning to the player born in 2001. He told Sky Sports: “The problem that he will face from the position. mind he’s playing.”

“As Saka becomes more popular, teams will pay more attention to him, defenders will also keep an eye on him. I’m sure the opponent will find a way to prevent the ball from reaching his position. And Saka will have to change to avoid being caught.”

“Saka is making great strides, he is well on his way to becoming one of the best wingers in the league. If Arsenal win the Premier League this season, I think he will receive the title of player of the season.”

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