The Turkish team asked to borrow Greenwood from MU

Man United have received requests to borrow striker Mason Greenwood from a number of Turkish teams in recent times.

Allegations of rape, assault, coercion and control against Mason Greenwood were dropped on February 2. However, sports company Nike has not re-signed the contract with the British player. Man United also decided not to let Greenwood return to play in this 2022/23 season.

The Turkish team asked to borrow Greenwood from MU

United will continue to investigate internally before making a decision on Greenwood’s future. But for now, Greenwood can still leave and play for a new club.

Daily Telegraph reporter Mike McGrath reports that many Turkish clubs have asked to borrow Mason Greenwood from Man United.

The Turkish Football Federation has confirmed that the country’s winter transfer window will be extended by FIFA, after the devastating earthquake on February 6 left significant damage here.

McGrath also noted that clubs that are still on a free transfer window are also interested in Greenwood.

However, Man United has yet to make any decisions about Greenwood’s future. The team’s internal investigation has not yielded results and until then, Greenwood has not been able to return to the pitch.

There are rumors that the Man United squad does not want to welcome Greenwood back. The “Red Devils” are playing sublimely under coach Ten Hag and a player who brings negative energy like Greenwood right now is of course not welcome.