The penalty of deducting 15 points was canceled, Juventus returned to the top 3 in Serie A

Juventus will temporarily get 15 points back after their appeal has made good progress. However, Juventus will face a new trial and risk receiving a penalty of deduction of points heavier than that.

The 15-point penalty has caused Juventus to fall into chaos this season. However, the Bianconeri received a big boost after the positive legal developments on this penalty.

The appeal will still continue, but Juventus will temporarily regain 15 points. However, this penalty will only be delayed. Juve will face a new trial that could make them receive this penalty again.

The penalty of deducting 15 points was canceled, Juventus returned to the top 3 in Serie A

With the receipt of 15 points, Juventus has climbed straight to 3rd place on the Serie A rankings. “Old lady” has 59 points, 16 points less than the top team Napoli. Max Allegri’s teachers and students have 6 points more than the 5th ranked team AC Milan when the season has 8 rounds left.

After a three-hour hearing yesterday, the Juventus book fraud case was transferred back to the appeal court of the football federation. Juventus was returned the points pending a new trial.

Pavel Nedved, Paolo Garimberti and Enrico Vellano all successfully appealed. But Paratici, former president Andrea Agnelli and Federico Cherubini were denied an appeal.

Partially accepting Juventus’ appeal, the Sports Assurance Committee does not confirm that the Bianconeri is completely clean. But they ruled that a court with different judges should hold new proceedings against Juventus and the directors and issue a more appropriate punishment.

Juventus is also facing other professional penalties, including point deductions, in an incident that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) is investigating into unusual payments to players. The FIGC completed its investigation last week and will decide whether Juventus faces another penalty.

A criminal trial to decide whether to order the trial of Agnelli, 11 others and Juventus itself began last month. Juventus has always denied wrongdoing and insists its accounting work is up to standards.

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