The Iranian coach pointed out two points that are much better than U20 Vietnam

Speaking after the home team’s 3-1 victory over U20 Vietnam, coach Samad Marfavi was satisfied with this result. He also praised the army of coach Hoang Anh Tuan.

On the afternoon of March 7, 2023, the U20 Vietnam team entered the final match in Group B of the AFC U20 Championship against Iran U20. And despite playing hard in this match, before the strength of the opponent, the red shirt army could not win 1 point.

Coach Marfavi was satisfied with the victory of his students.

With this result, U20 Vietnam was eliminated and U20 Iran won the ticket to continue with the first place in the group. And in the press conference after the game, their captain, Coach Samad Marfavi spoke up:

“This is a difficult match for us because U20 Vietnam has two wins against Australia and Qatar. They are a team with good technique and body. In this match we have to get 3 points to be able to win. Entering the next round, Iran was both good in attack and defense today, so it deserved to win.

Before entering this match, Iran U20 was in a difficult situation. If we only get 1 point then we might be eliminated. I know U20 Vietnam have a very good system but we have the right strategy to counter them.

Today, Iran U20 has completely dominated the game and is physically superior to the opponent. We’ve also shown better personal technique. These two points together with the spirit and fighting spirit of the players helped Iran win this match.”

However, Mr. Marfavi still highly appreciated the performance of U20 Vietnam. He continued: “Congratulations to Vietnam U20. They are a strong team. The match against Vietnam is much more difficult than the match against Australia. Vietnamese players play diligently and adhere to tactics. It’s definitely more difficult to start with a team that has six points.”

For his part, the captain of Iran U20, Amin Hazbavi said: “This is a difficult match for us. Vietnam is a very strong team. They do not deserve to be eliminated from this tournament. The whole team fought hard together. We hope to continue to win the next match.”

With the top of Group B, Iran U20 will meet the second place team of Group A, Iraq U20 in the quarterfinals. This showdown will take place on March 11th.