The image that made Real Madrid embarrassed before Man City

Real Madrid lost 0-4 at Man City, thereby becoming the former king in the Champions League. Los Blancos’ stats are all inferior to the competition.

No one thought that Man City would play so well against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final 2022/23. The green man had complete control of the game, they did not let the opponent play the ball. Erling Haaland missed two chances to score in the first half.

When the Norwegian player was silent, Bernardo Silva shone at the right time. His brace gave the Green Man a 2-0 lead after the first 45 minutes. The statistics in the first half showed a huge difference coming from the two teams. 

The number of shots taken by the two teams in the first half is a huge difference

Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students controlled the ball 72%, launched 13 shots – including 5 on goal, while the away team made only 1 finishing phase. Man City’s stars created 4 big chances and scored 2 goals while Real Madrid didn’t have a chance.

The number of passes 351 of the home team also outperformed the number of 137 of the opponent. Man City received 5 corners and Los Blancos 1. In addition, WhoScored also posted photos of the number of shots in the first half that made the visitors feel embarrassed. 

The chart shows Man City threatening Thibaut Courtois’ goal from all angles after a total of 13 shots. In contrast, Real Madrid’s shooting scheme became bleak when Carlo Ancelotti’s students only had a single shot. 

Another notable detail is that Real Madrid only successfully completed 13 passes after the first 15 minutes, while Man City had 124 passes in the same time period.

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