The Champions League final shows what MU is missing

The most awaited match of the last season (the Champions League final) ended with a minimal victory in favor of Man City, Man United’s neighbor.

At the end of this season, MU finished in 3rd place in the Premier League and brought home a Carabao Cup – not a bad achievement for the Dutch strategist. But Ten Hag knows he needs to quickly improve the Man United force, of course not necessarily 6-7 players at once.

If you watch the match between Inter Milan vs Man City, coach Erik ten Hag will clearly understand what his team lacks the most and he needs to change immediately in the transfer market. That is the goalkeeper position.

Ederson, who was repeatedly mocked for his ability to save, made amazing saves to help Man City win the championship for the first time in history. But when needed, this Brazilian goalkeeper can escape pressing with the ability to control the penalty area and really help in the process of getting on the ball of Pep Guardiola’s army.

Ederson and Man City win the Champions League

The same thing happened on the other side of the front line, in Andre Onana’s goal. The Inter Milan goalkeeper, who also worked with Erik ten Hag during his time at Ajax, has shown a great deal of form and has proven himself to be a modern goalkeeper. The Cameroon keeper provided impressive, cross-line passes to help his side break Man City’s first pressing line. He also took the initiative to hold the ball many times and went outside the penalty area.

Meanwhile, MU looks like it will continue to extend the contract of David de Gea.

While De Gea’s blocking ability is still good, although not as impressive as before, the player’s playing style is a big problem for Man United. This is no longer the type of goalkeeper that fits the style of play that Erik ten Hag is aiming for at Old Trafford. Basically, despite owning the Premier League Golden Glove last season, but David de Gea lacks most of the qualities to stand in the goal of a big club, in the modern football environment.

The role of the goalkeeper has changed, and the Dutch strategist himself once asserted in a press conference that “modern football requires such a goalkeeper”. They not only have the task of blocking and saving, but also play an important role in the development of the ball, helping their team maintain control. Unfortunately for United, in the constant stream of modern football, De Gea is outdated.

Andre Onana confidently passes and dribbles the ball to reduce the pressure on the Inter defence

Dean Henderson is also likely to be sold, meaning MU must add a goalkeeper and that should be the one who can put David de Gea on the bench. David Raya (Brentford), Diogo Costa (Porto) are names in the sights of the Red Devils, and they better not be missed. The improvement of Man United’s force needs to start at the bottom of the squad, a modern goalkeeper.

Of course, to be able to enter the transfer market, MU also needs to quickly transfer. There will be many targets in many positions to be targeted, but with Erik ten Hag alone – just looking at the two goalkeepers in the most important game of the season – he can fully realize his MU is still not enough. strong enough to get close to the big titles.

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