The career turning point of 2 Premier League blockbusters

Mason Mount and Declan Rice become the focus of the summer 2023 transfer market.

The future of the duo Mason Mount and Declan Rice has attracted great attention from fans and newspapers in the past time. Man United have reached an agreement to sign Mount from Chelsea. Meanwhile, Arsenal is about to announce a blockbuster deal named Rice .

Mount and Rice are known as close friends since they both trained at the Chelsea youth academy. Now, fate takes them to different turns. Mount and Rice’s situation is opposite in the 2022/2023 season.

Mount played erratically in the context of Chelsea’s constant fluctuations on the coaching bench. At the same time, the English midfielder did not reach full fitness throughout the season.

Arsenal successfully recruited Rice.

Contrasting with Mount, Rice played impressively in a West Ham United shirt. The 24-year-old midfielder made a great contribution to the London team’s journey to winning the Europa Conference League

Now, both Mount and Rice are at an important turning point in their careers. Mount needs a new landing to help revive his career, while Rice needs a big, ambitious club to elevate his career.

In theory, Mount and Rice are on the right track. Man United promises to help Mount regain his reputation as one of the best midfielders in England. Meanwhile, Arsenal can help Rice win prestigious collective and individual titles.

Man United successfully recruited Mount.

In terms of expertise, Mount and Rice are considered to be ideal complements for Man United and Arsenal. 

Mount possesses versatile gameplay. The English midfielder will blow a new wind to the Red Devils midfield. Mount combined with Casemiro and Bruno Fernandes to form a trio worth watching in the Man United midfield.

Sharing about Mount, former midfielder Rio Ferdinand appreciated the midfielder’s talent in 1999: ” Mount possesses many outstanding qualities: scoring goals, creating assists, connecting with surrounding satellites, becoming a relationship. He is a constant threat in front of goal. He will become an important element of Man United.”

The duo Mount and Rice in the England shirt.

Similarly, Rice promises to help Arsenal complete the squad and upgrade the midfield. The player born in 1999 possesses the ability to read situations, the power to dispute, press, to coordinate well with the surrounding satellites….

The decline of Thomas Partey at the end of the season contributed to Arsenal falling behind Man City in the Premier League title race. Coach Mikel Arteta certainly does not want that scenario to repeat in the 2023/2024 season.

Recruiting Rice will help Arteta avoid repeating the above situation. Put on a comparison scale, Rice is slightly better than Partey in terms of stability, physical foundation, and the ability to maintain focus throughout the long haul.

Rice will upgrade Arsenal’s midfield.

According to statistics, the Three Lions player has participated in a total of 93% of West Ham’s matches in the Premier League throughout the past 5 seasons. Partey’s figure is 71%.

Mount and Rice are at a turning point in their careers . If they play sublimely with the new team, both will touch many noble titles and bring their careers to the top. 

That also helps a lot for Mount and Rice at the national team level. In the context of EURO 2024 finals with one year left, Mount and Rice need to shine with the club, thereby occupying a main kick spot in the Three Lions shirt.

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