Thailand is stunned by the price of SEA Games license 32

Thailand is facing a big barrier in owning the 32nd SEA Games copyright when the host country Cambodia quoted the price as “out of imagination”.

Thailand is stunned by the price of SEA Games license 32

According to Siam Sports, the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) is stunned to hear about the amount of money to be paid for the 32nd SEA Games copyright.

Specifically, the host Cambodia has offered the television rights to the largest sports event in Southeast Asia at $800,000 (equivalent to 27.6 million baht, nearly 19 billion dong).

This figure is 80 times higher than the amount that SAT spent to buy the television rights of the 31st SEA Games. At the congress took place nearly a year ago, SAT spent 10,000 USD (350,000 baht). Meanwhile, the price of broadcasting rights for SEA Games 30 in the Philippines is only 5,000 USD (175,000 baht).

Thailand still does not own the rights to SEA Games 32 due to the high fee

The head of SAT, Governor Kongsak expressed: “In previous SEA Games, the royalty fee charged to most countries was acceptable. However, this time it was different, it was beyond imagination. and we can’t accept, so Thailand will have to calculate a specific way.

We are consulting to see if there are neighboring countries that have purchased the rights. As far as I know, no country has agreed to such a high price, but the host country Cambodia has informed and can negotiate.

SAT is expected to close the purchase of the rights to SEA Games 32 this March. In addition, Mr. Kongsak Yodmanee also added that, if Cambodia does not reduce the price, it is likely that Thai fans will not be able to watch the Southeast Asian Games on television.