Tension between Real and Barca

Real Madrid and Barcelona constantly denounce each other about which team has been favored by the referee in history.

Real and Barca appeared in conflict. Photo: Reuters.

UEFA is investigating  Barcelona. The Catalan club was involved in a scandal called the “Negreira case” by the Spanish media. Former referee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira, who served as Vice-President of the Arbitration Committee from 1994 to 2018, is accused of receiving payments totaling more than 7 million euros from Barca over 17 years.

However, Barca President, Mr. Joan Laporta, turned the “axe” of public opinion towards  Real Madrid  when asserting: “We all know Real Madrid is supported by the referee, in history as well as in the present. That is why they are considered the football team of the regime of Francisco Franco (the dictator in Spanish history – PV)”.

“It should be remembered that over the past seven decades, most of the Chairman of the Referee Committee has been a former member, former player or former director of Real Madrid. For 70 years, those who choose the arbitrator on the pitch have been the same. there are connections with Real Madrid,” the Barca head stated.

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