Ten Hag shows what Garnacho needs to do to get a regular starting

Coach Ten Hag has voiced out what Alejandro Garnacho needs to do to be able to start regularly at Man United.

Alejandro Garnacho came on as a substitute in the 81st minute against Wolves to replace Jadon Sancho. The young Argentinian scored a 2-0 goal for Man United in the second half of stoppage time.

Ten Hag shows what Garnacho needs to do to get a regular starting

Garnacho has been out of action for the past two months due to injury. He just returned to the Man United squad in the match against West Ham but did not play.

After the game against Wolves, Ten Hag said he was pleased to see Garnacho score. However, the Dutch strategist warned that Garnacho needs to improve his decision-making ability to be able to start regularly at Man United.

“Everybody can see Garnacho’s talent. He came on and did almost everything well, scored a great goal to give more confidence. His return is good news for us for the rest of the season, and he can make an impact.

One of the aspects of the greatest talents is that they are very mature. First, they take responsibility. Next, they mature to use techniques and have the confidence to overwhelm the opponent. Once again Garnacho did it.

He makes a big impact in so many games, whether starting or coming on as a substitute. He gets into the game very quickly and that’s important to us. I’m happy to be able to give young players a chance. Hopefully he will develop quickly to be able to compete for the starting position because that’s the next challenge.”

Responding to what Garnacho needs to improve in order to be more of a starter, Ten Hag said: “Make decisions, be more alert, be aware of situations, when to 1v1, when to run behind the line. goalkeeper, when to go straight into goal or when to make an extra pass. Decisions like that are what make a good player a top player. That’s the difference.

But overall, Garnacho is a great talent and very brave. He also opened a path for young players at Manchester United. If you do the right thing, work hard, we can get you on the team. After all, that player still has to invest and has to have a plan for that.”

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