Son Heung Min tormented himself after coach Conte was fired

Unlike many other Tottenham players, striker Son Heung Min was very sad and tormented himself after coach Antonio Conte was sacked.

Son Heung Min talks about coach Conte being fired

A few days ago, Tottenham officially fired coach Antonio Conte. This decision was made after irreparable conflicts between the two sides.

It is known that many Tottenham players support the decision from the team’s Board of Directors. The majority at Tottenham are no longer comfortable working with coach Conte.

But Son Heung Min is different. The Korean player was very sad and tormented himself after coach Conte lost his job.

Son Heung Min blames himself after coach Conte was fired.

Song Heung Min shared:

“I’m very sorry for Conte. He’s a great coach. We had a great time together. I thank him very much. I don’t know what the other players think but personally I am very grateful. regret.

I should have put on a better performance. I have not contributed much for the team this season so I feel responsible for Conte’s departure. As a good and experienced coach, he will surely succeed in his career.”

After sacking Conte, Tottenham is not in a hurry to appoint a new coach. Instead, Spurs have decided to leave assistant Cristian Stellini on a temporary basis until the end of this season. Previously, this military leader led Tottenham during Conte’s treatment.

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