SHOCKING! The Glazer trick appeared at Man Utd

According to ESPN, it is likely that the Glazer family will continue to run Man Utd after this season.

In the past time, investors who want to acquire Man Utd  expressed dissatisfaction when the Glazer family delayed the sale of the team. According to the Daily Mail, the two leading candidates, Billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and His Highness Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani, are disappointed when the US owner is working slowly.

With the Glazers holding the third round of negotiations, the Finnish businessman, Thomas Zilliacus, ran out of patience and decided not to participate.

Public opinion believes that the delay in selling  Man Utd  is because the Glazers want to carefully consider the offers and find ways to push the price up as high as possible. The Glazer House wants to sell Man Utd at £6 billion. The Prince of Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe are only willing to pay £5 billion.

The Glazers may not sell Man Utd.

However, it is possible that the Glazers just want to explore the market. The latest, ESPN confirm Joel and Avram Glazer believe the growth potential in the coming years could cost Man Utd up to £10 billion. Therefore, they will not sell Man Utd at this time.

Red Devils owners have a view that Man Utd can become much more valuable, just getting the necessary investment on and off the pitch. Currently, at least 4 ultra-rich investment funds are preparing to buy shares to become shareholders, while the Glazers continue to be owners.

At that time, Man Utd will not change owners.

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