Shock: Sadio Mane punches Leroy Sane in the face after defeat to Man City

Sadio Mane punched Leroy Sane in the face in the dressing room after Bayern Munich’s defeat to Man City, his teammates had to dissuade these two stars.

The Bundesliga champions were disappointed in their trip to Man City in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League 2022/23. They did not create many chances, while the defense constantly made mistakes. With such a poor performance, it is understandable that the away team had to lose with a score of 0-3.

After the final whistle sounded, Leroy Sane and Sadio Mane exchanged words on the field, then they continued to be harsh when entering the tunnel. Mane expressed dissatisfaction with the way Sane addressed him during the controversy, the former Liverpool star even punched teammates in the face in the dressing room.

Sadio Mane punches Leroy Sane in the face after defeat to Man City

Mane’s punch caused Sane to bleed on the lip, the Bayern Munich players had to jump in to stop both of them. When they returned to Germany, the two were also separated. Mane is said to have been picked up at the Munich airport in a private car, while Sane boarded a member of the coaching staff’s car.

The incident shows the heavy task placed on Thomas Tuchel’s shoulders in creating a comeback against Man City. Bayern still have 90 minutes at the Allianz Arena, but the score gap and internal conflicts are preventing them from creating a surprise.

Bayern have not yet commented on the incident between Sane and Mane. In the match against Man City, Sane started from the start and Mane came on in the 69th minute. Since arriving at the Bundesliga champions last summer, the 31-year-old Senegalese player has 11 goals in 32 appearances. .

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