Roy Keane: ‘Arsenal is out of breath in title race’

Roy Keane thinks Arsenal have lost their breath in the race and their chances of winning the Premier League are over after the loss to Brighton.

Arsenal’s defeat against Brighton helped Man City take a long step towards the championship. Pep Guardiola’s army can be crowned next week if they beat Chelsea at the Etihad.

Arsenal once created a gap of 8 points compared to Man City in the rankings. But winning only 2 in the last 7 matches made Arsenal lose the top spot to Man City.

Roy Keane: Arsenal are out of breath in title race

After the 3-0 defeat to Brighton, Manchester United legend Roy Keane said: “Arsenal looked as if they were out of breath, both physically and mentally. But we should not be too strict with Arsenal. This has been a very good season for them. Just not good enough.

We are talking about top class football. To win is very difficult.

What happened to Arsenal today was harsh. They don’t play well and have nowhere to hide. This team is lacking both physically and mentally. As soon as Brighton pushed, passing and moving, showing sharpness, they had the upper hand against Arsenal.

We’ve been saying for months that if Arsenal have a couple of injuries they’ll be in trouble. Arsenal clearly do not have the strength of depth like Man City.

If you look at Arsenal’s games over the last five or six weeks, the 2-2 draw with West Ham for me stands out the most. Besides, there is a 3-3 draw with Southampton too. They’ve won 25 games this season and that’s an impressive feat. But the dropped points against West Ham and Southampton have shaken them considerably.

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