Ronaldo sings passionately, gives a sweet kiss to Georgina Rodriguez

Ronaldo’s sweet moment for Georgina was captured when the Portuguese striker sang while looking at his girlfriend passionately.

At a party in Lisbon with Georgina, Ronaldo mixed his voice with guest singer Nininho. Worth mentioning, the lyrics are like how Ronaldo is trying to tell his girlfriend: “I want to marry you”.

Not only singing passionately, the 38-year-old superstar also gave a very sweet kiss to his longtime girlfriend in front of his friends. Georgina was clearly moved by Ronaldo’s act of affection for her.

Sharing in the documentary on Netflix, Georgina said: “We’ve been listening to Nininho all summer. Cris knows all his songs by heart. Cristiano is the love of my life. He’s so romantic.” .

Georgina and Ronaldo started dating in 2016 after the two had a fateful meeting at the Gucci store where she works. Since then, the two have built a love story like a fairy, Georgina is called “Modern Cinderella”.

In her Netflix series, Georgina has shared a lot about life with her famous boyfriend as well as her family. However, the beauty denied rumors that she was secretly married in Mexico.

“For me, the most important thing is that Cristiano and I are always together, so we are married. But someday, the wedding will still take place. It’s like a dream and I feel lucky if I can let you see that dream come true,” the 29-year-old model shared.

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