Rodri is better than Casemiro at the moment

Former player Danny Murphy insists Man City’s Rodri, not Casemiro, is the number 1 defensive midfielder in the Premier League at the moment.

In the summer of 2022, Casemiro decided to leave Real Madrid to join MU with a contract of 60 million pounds, the Brazilian star quickly integrated and proved his ability. The midfielder born in 1992 is now one of the irreplaceable players in the tactical system operated by coach Ten Hag.

Rodri and Casemiro are EPL’s top defensive midfielders

His contributions helped MU win the League Cup, reach the final of the FA Cup and are ranked 4th in the Premier League. Many people think that Casemiro is the number 1 defensive midfielder in the Premier League right now, but former player Danny Murphy does not think so, he said:

“I have no problem with Casemiro, but in my opinion Rodri is the best defensive midfielder in the world. His main job is without the ball, and these times Rodri is brilliant.”

“When he has the ball he is also perfect, it is difficult to get the ball at Rodri’s feet. He also always gives the best options to his teammates. I think Rodri deserves to be in the Premier League XI this season.”

“He’s played about 50 games in the past, he doesn’t often miss City games. Rodri has also been one of the most consistent players in the system run by Pep Guardiola in recent seasons.

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