Roberto Martinez explains why he called Ronaldo to Portugal

Ronaldo is still on the list of Portugal national team at this gathering and coach Roberto Martinez shared the reason he summoned Al Nassr’s players to the national team.

The reason why Ronaldo was recruited

On March 18, Portugal announced the list of players to prepare for the first national team concentration in 2023. Ronaldo continued to be summoned by coach Roberto Martinez and the new coach of the Portuguese team revealed the reason why he filled in. CR7 name to the focus list.

He said: “Decisions in football should be made based on the actual situation of the player and the club on the field. I am not the type of coach who sits in an office, looks at players’ names and completes the list. So, my starting point is to get to know every player and communicate with my players.

I will start with the list of 26 players for the World Cup and Cristiano is one of them. He’s been with the national team for the past 19 years and it’s worth the coach’s consideration of his chances of playing.

List of Portugal team in this gathering

In the next 10 weeks, Portugal needs to build the best squad to prepare for the upcoming matches in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. From tomorrow, we will start working, getting used to all the requirements. player and Ronaldo is one of them.

Cristiano is a player with great determination. He can bring experience and become an important part of the national team. I don’t look at Ronaldo’s age, I don’t care about that.”

Most of the players summoned by coach Roberto Martinez this time are familiar names who have played for the national team in recent times. The new coach of Portugal also summoned Liverpool’s Diogo Jota after a long injury.