Real Madrid midfielder faces heavy punishment for punching opponent

Midfielder Federico Valverde is in danger of being banned for 12 matches after punching Alex Baena on Villarreal’s side.

Real Madrid midfielder faces heavy punishment for punching opponent

After Real’s 2-3 loss to Villarreal on April 9, midfielder Valverde waited in the bus park and punched Baena because of a dispute that arose in the match in January.

Specifically, during the King’s Cup match, Baena said “cry now because your son will not be born” and provoked Valverde.

At that time, Mina Bonino, Valverde’s wife, was sick and at risk of miscarriage. However, the good thing is that the doctor concluded that the fetus was healthy after performing the tests.

Until the recent rematch in La Liga, Baena is said to continue to have inappropriate provocations with the Uruguayan player. When attacking the Villarreal player, Valverde said: “Repeat what you said about my son”.

Federico Valverde faces a 12-match ban for assaulting Alex Baena

After being assaulted, Alex Baena filed a complaint against Federico Valverde. He denied all allegations from the Uruguayan player when he asserted that he had never insulted the family of his colleague.

There have been videos and photos of Valverde’s unrestrained actions. With the incident not included in the match record, La Liga BTC will only open an investigation when receiving a complaint from an insider.

And if found to have assaulted a colleague, Valverde faces a maximum suspension of up to 12 games. In addition, the Real Madrid midfielder also had to do many hours of community service and compensate Baena.

As for Villarreal, this club has not filed a complaint, but they will sided with Baena, if the player is found to have been assaulted by Valverde.

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