Real closes a 75 million euro offer to buy Havertz, Chelsea responds

Fabio Gatto revealed that there were discussions between the two clubs about this deal.

Many reputable sources have confirmed that Real Madrid is looking to recruit Chelsea striker Kai Havertz in the context that they are having a hard time approaching Harry Kane on the Tottenham side.

Los Blancos see the German star as a short-term solution to the problem of No. 9, with Karim Benzema falling in form and likely to leave in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Havertz is on Chelsea’s radar.

According to Fabio Gatto, the Spanish team was willing to pay about 75 million euros to have Havertz’s services, but Chelsea quickly rejected this offer.

The representative of the foggy country was open to selling the 23-year-old striker, but they only accepted to sit at the negotiating table with the amount of 100 million euros.

In 2020, Chelsea must spend 80 million euros for Bayer Leverkusen to successfully recruit Havertz. Therefore, they want to make a relative profit in case the German star leaves.

It is known that coach Mauricio Pochettino also does not appreciate Havertz, after disappointing performances this season.

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