Qatari press accuses Glazer family of greed

Journalist Mohammed Alkaabi accuses the Glazer family of being greedy for money and deliberately delaying the takeover of Man Utd.

Qatari journalist Mohammed Alkaabi thinks Sheikh Jassim Bin Hamad Al-Thani is the dominant side compared to Sir Jim Ratcliffe. However, Alkaabi also accused the Glazer family of being greedy and trying to delay the takeover process. 

On his personal Twitter, Alkaabi wrote: “I have told you 1000 times, my friends, the Glazer family, are the manipulators of offers all the time.”

Glazer still refuses to sell Man Utd.

” They only care about money and it’s this greed that breaks deals time and time again,”  Alkaabi added.

In November last year, the Glazer family started selling Man Utd . However, more than half a year has passed, the new owner of the Red Devils has not been revealed. 

The British press recently reported that American employers will not provide exclusive negotiating rights to any party. Some analysts see this as a ploy to buy time to increase prices by the Glazer family. 

Even if the takeover process goes smoothly, it will take Man Utd 8-12 weeks to have a new owner. Therefore, in the near future, the transfer stage of Man Utd will have many difficulties.

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