Qatari owners criticize Glazer family

The Athletic newspaper revealed that billionaire Sheikh Jassim had criticized Man Utd owners for a lack of investment in the team.

Last September, the Glazer family suddenly offered to sell Man Utd . However, after more than half a year, they still have not found a takeover party.

Sheikh Jassim is eager to take over at Man Utd.

Sheikh Jassim as well as Sir Jim Radcliffe are two potential bidders at the moment. Accordingly, Sheikh Jassim is the chairman of Qatar Bank and his Nine Two Foundations group is ready to make a big investment in Man Utd. 

Recently, the Athletic newspaper revealed that billionaire Sheikh Jassim had criticized Man Utd owners for a lack of investment in the team. Specifically, the Red Devils have had no notable upgrades to the stadium, training ground or even the club complex over the years. That’s a big concern because it’s just as important as training.

Previously, it was reported that if successful, Sheikh Jassim promised to pay off all debts to Man Utd, provide money for coach Erik Ten Hag to shop, upgrade Old Trafford as well as Carrington training ground. 

Bloomberg reporter David Hellier recently revealed that Sheikh Jassim is winning  over Jim Radcliffe and his offer to buy back 100% of Man Utd shares could soon be approved by the Glazer family.

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