PSG lowers the price of Mbappe

The Ligue 1 champions are willing to sell Mbappe for 200 million euros instead of 250 million euros as before.

PSG will not find ways to keep Mbappe like last summer.

According to AS, Kylian Mbappe has until July 31 to activate the clause to change the current contract term with PSG (2024 to 2025). However, the French player vowed not to do this. “Ninja Turtle” is determined to leave Paris as a free agent after the 2023/24 season to fulfill his dream of wearing a Real Madrid shirt .

Meanwhile, PSG showed enthusiasm. The Ligue 1 champions have informed Ms. Fayza Lamari, mother and representative of Kylian Mbappe about the club’s plans. Mbappe is forced to make a decision in the next few weeks. If the striker still refuses to sign a new contract, PSG will immediately put him on the transfer market.

Earlier, French media reported that PSG was ready to sell Mbappe to Real for 250 million euros. If you include the extra terms, the total contract value of the player born in 1998 is up to 300 million euros, a number that has never appeared in the history of football transfers.

Mbappe joined PSG on loan from AS Monaco in 2017 before becoming the world’s most expensive teen player. The Parc des Princes team spent 145 million euros with 35 million euros in extra fees to buy Mbappe outright a year later.

Before leaving PSG, Lionel Messi is also said to have also advised Mbappe about finding a new destination: “I would prefer you to go to Barca. But if you want to go to Madrid, do it. You deserve to play in a competition. real winning team”.

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