PSG closes the price for Mbappe

In the event that Kylian Mbappe cannot convince him to renew his contract, PSG will sell him right in the summer transfer window of 2023.

Mbappe can leave PSG right in the summer of 2023

Recently, Kylian Mbappe has informed PSG that he will not renew his contract. The contract between the two sides is valid until June 2024. 

PSG clearly do not want to lose their number one star. In the near future, the BLD team will have talks with the striker born in 1998 to convince him to change his mind. 

Mbappe could leave PSG as soon as next summer.

However, PSG has also considered the worst case scenario if Mbappe refuses to sign a new contract. At that time, the French capital team will sell him right in the summer transfer window of 2023, without losing Mbappe when the contract expires. 

If forced to sell Mbappe this summer, PSG want to collect 160 to 170 million euros. The above figure is not cheap, but there are still many teams willing to spend money to get the signature of the striker born in 1998. 

Real Madrid is the most enthusiastic name in recruiting Mbappe. The Spanish Royal team has long pursued the 25-year-old striker and is likely to restart this deal next summer. In addition, Chelsea, MU or Man City are also considered potential destinations for the French striker.

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