Promising names of U20 Vietnam can attend SEA Games 32

With an impressive performance at the 2023 AFC U20 Championship, it is likely that some of the following names of the Vietnam U20 team will be given opportunities by Coach Troussier in the U23 team in the upcoming focus period. And who will get that honor?

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1. Khuat Van Khang

It can be said that Khuat Van Khang is the most impressive player on the U20 side of Vietnam at the AFC U20 Championship this time. In the two victories of U20 Vietnam over Australia and Qatar, although Van Khang was not the one to directly score, he was the face that was voted the best in the match in both those matches.

Khuat Van Khang played very impressively in the 2023 AFC U20 Finals.

With persistent play, experience and agility, ingenuity, Van Khang is an irreplaceable player in the U20 Vietnam team. He started all three matches and played the role of leader, being the mental fulcrum for the whole team to maintain confidence in all three matches.

This is not the first time Van Khang has shown his talent at the youth level. At the AFC U23 Championship 2022, even though he is the “youngest brother” in the team, he still plays with confidence and bravery, thereby helping teachers and coaches Gong Oh Kyun make many bold impressions on the continental playground.

2. Nguyen Van Truong

Like Van Khang, teammate Nguyen Van Truong also performed an impressive and effective game at the 2023 AFC U20 Finals, where he played as a striker to divide the responsibility of scoring goals. with Quoc Viet and Thanh Nhan.

Possessing an ideal body shape with endurance, physical toughness and above all the ability to handle and pass the ball, Van Truong is emerging as a “right-footed Hoang Duc” in U20 Vietnam. And if developed in the right direction, he promises to soon become a mainstay in the national team in the future.

3. Nguyen Quoc Viet 

Once again, Nguyen Quoc Viet showed his scoring charm in the youth tournament when he got two goals for Vietnam U20 at the 2023 AFC U20 Finals.

As a strong striker with the ability to penetrate, run, as well as possess an extremely high-class finishing ability, Quoc Viet has affirmed his worth when he continuously scored in matches against U20 Australia and Australia. Qatar after extremely powerful swings.

Quoc Viet is on a journey to become a Vietnamese football killer.

Those are all very beautiful goals, showing the sophistication and precision of this striker. In the Vietnamese football village at the moment, it is really rare to have a striker who can finish as delicately and as classy as Quoc Viet. Therefore, if he continues to be trained, Quoc Viet will definitely shine in the U23 team in the future.

4. Ho Van Cuong

Possessing abundant energy, comprehensive defense, Ho Van Cuong is also the name that has left a lot of impressions at this continental U20 tournament.

Not having a good body, but in return Van Cuong is a durable and agile player. It was this factor that helped him get an official position on the right wing of Vietnam U20.

Ho Van Cuong “describes the right-wing conflict” on the right wing of Vietnam U20.

In matches with Australia and Qatar, Ho Van Cuong was noticed by his extremely good attack ability. It was the aggressiveness of this player that helped Vietnam U20 deploy a relatively effective defensive and counter-attacking style against opponents.

5. Cao Van Binh 

As an individual who has contributed greatly to the achievement of defeating Australia and Qatar at this tournament, goalkeeper Cao Van Binh promises to also be called up by coach Troussier to the U23 Vietnam team in the coming meetings.

Possessing an ideal body shape, playing bravery, experience, and having good reflexes, Van Binh has many times made a save for U20 Vietnam in the past matches of U20 Vietnam. In the 1-3 defeat of the red shirt army against Iran, if Van Binh did not play focused, perhaps U20 Vietnam would have received a defeat with a stronger score than that.

It was the quick reflexes of this goalkeeper that helped Vietnam U20 avoid many goals. And it won’t be surprising if the SLNA keeper is given the opportunity to try his hand at the U23 team in the journey towards the 32nd SEA Games.