Premier League shock gives Arsenal warning

Quoting from Metro, the latest statement after the Premier League saw the shock is a warning for Arsenal.

Brighton’s ambition to attend the European Cup was dealt a blow when they just received a shocking defeat against the club that is fighting to avoid relegation, Everton.

At home, teachers and students  Roberto De Zerbi  surprised the Premier League because they lost 1-5. After the game, De Zerbi insisted the club will return and put on an improved performance next weekend against  Arsenal.

Specifically, the new Brighton coach said, citing Metro:

“It’s very difficult to explain this performance. It was a really strange game. We conceded the first goal after 30 seconds.  This was not a real Brighton, and it was a bad day. I think The problem is not with the tactical layout, I think we were not prepared in terms of motivation, maybe psychologically.”

Brighton lost a shock 1-5 at home.

“We made a big mistake today because we showed we weren’t ready to play this game. Too many mistakes, we lost in the first half, this is not the real Brighton and something that has to be improved. benevolent”.

“I talk to the players after every game. I think on Sunday we will show our quality, we will return to our style and you will see a real Brighton”.

With determination from De Zerbi, Arsenal will be very difficult against Brighton in the encounter at the Emirates. The Gunners are currently one point behind leaders Manchester City.

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