Pogba injured in the first game for Juventus

Pogba had to leave the field in tears after playing just 23 minutes in his first start for Juventus this season.

Paul Pogba has been returned to the Juventus starting line-up for the first time in 390 days. The low-key match against Cremonese is a good opportunity for Pogba to get used to the game again. However, after only 23 minutes of play, Pogba was injured and had to leave the field.

Pogba injured in the first game for Juventus

This is only Pogba’s 10th game this season. The Frenchman played for the first time on February 28, but he suffered a muscle problem after measuring a few weeks and returned in mid-April.

On midweek, Pogba gave hope of a comeback when he assisted Gatti to level the score 1-1 against Sevilla. It is also a factor that helps Pogba be trusted by coach Allegri to entrust the main kick against Cremonese. However, the 30-year-old once again let Juventus down.

The first impression shows that this injury of Pogba is not simple. The fact that Pogba cries as he leaves the pitch suggests this could be the injury that will keep him out for the rest of the season. It is a big regret when Juventus still have big goals this season, such as the Europa League arena.

Without Pogba, Juventus still dealt with Cremonese simply with a score of 2-0. The top 4 place is considered firmly in the hands of the Bianconeri when they are 8 points more than the 5th ranked team Milan and the season has only 3 rounds left.

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