Playing bad Mitoma, Martinelli has to pay dearly

Martinelli picked up an injury and had to leave the field early against Brighton after deliberately playing badly against Kaoru Mitoma early in the game.

Gabriel Martinelli had an ugly dispute with Kaoru Mitoma early in the game. While Mitoma was making a header move, Martinelli rushed in with high speed, knocking the Japanese player to the ground. It was a ball that could be dangerous for Mitoma and received harsh reactions on social media. The referee did not blow a free kick to Martinelli in this situation, but the ball was enough to make the Brighton players hot.

Martinelli had to leave the field early against Brighton due to injury

Not long after that, Martinelli was cut down by Moises Caicedo in a destructive fashion. The Arsenal striker suffered severe pain after the collision and was unable to continue playing. Moises Caicedo also did not receive a card from the referee for his foul situation.

Talking about Martinelli’s foul situation, Gary Neville said: “Looking at that ball, it seems unwise. Martinelli could hardly get into the ball in time so it was either a head-on collision between the two players or his elbow with Mitoma’s head. It’s hard to believe that Martinelli didn’t get a card. I wouldn’t complain if it was a red card either.”

After watching the slow motion video, Neville said: “I think it’s very dangerous. I think Martinelli knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Martinelli had a situation where he had a dangerous situation for Mitoma at the beginning of the game

Although not receiving a red card, Martinelli had to receive the careful care of the Brighton players in the next minutes. As a result, he had to leave the field in the 20th minute because of an injury. Without Martinelli, Arsenal’s attack was also deadlocked and did not score a goal against Brighton’s net.

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