Pep updates Haaland’s injury situation

Coach Pep Guardiola updated on the injury situation of striker Erling Haaland as well as the ability of the Norwegian striker to play in the match against Liverpool.

Haaland left open the possibility of playing in the match against Liverpool

On the eve of the last FIFA Day series, Erling Haalaand suffered a groin injury. Therefore, he could not concentrate on the Norwegian team to attend the first matches in the Euro 2024 qualifying round.

A few days before the confrontation with Liverpool in the Premier League, Haaland still could not practice with his teammates. This brings concerns to Man City about the absence of a key striker in the upcoming important match.

Haaland has not recovered from a groin injury.

In the press conference before the match against Liverpool, coach Pep Guardiola updated the situation of his student:

“Haaland is still recovering. We still have one more training session before the Liverpool game. So we’ll take a close look at his situation.

Whether Haaland can play or not depends on many factors. I’ll talk to him and the team doctor. If all goes well, let’s wait and see what happens. At this stage of the season, there are always risks. And we have to accept it.”

This season, Haaland is the number one striker of Man City. Since the beginning of the season, the Norwegian has scored 42 goals in all competitions.

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