Pep mocks Lukaku

The Spaniard thinks that Lukaku’s miss is the reason for Man City to win the Champions League.

” Give Xavi time, it took us eight years to win the Champions League. We are the European champions thanks to a striker who missed a chance from 3 meters,” said Pep Guardiola . the possibility of Barcelona returning to the top under coach Xavi.

The captain of Man City mentioned the situation in the 89th minute of the Champions League final. Romelu Lukaku disappoints with a header that goes right into the position Ederson has chosen. The distance between “Big Rom” and the goal is less than 4 meters.

Lukaku’s miss.

Also in the press conference, Pep also mentioned the case of Joao Cancelo. The Spanish strategist confirmed that Man City did not receive any offer from Barca for Cancelo in the early transfer window of 2023.

 Barca did not send an offer to Cancelo. Perhaps the Barca board did not properly inform Xavi of the situation ,” said Pep.

In addition, the Man City captain also talked about Barca’s desire to have Ilkay Gundogan’s services in a free form this summer.

” Barcelona really wants Gundogan. However, we will find a way to keep him at the Etihad. If Barca get Gundogan, they will have a really talented player,” said Pep.

When asked about Kylian Mbappe, Pep said: ” We will not sign Mbappe. Everyone knows which club he wants to join “.

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