Pep Guardiola: Arsenal have the right to be proud of what they have done this season

After winning the 2022/23 Premier League with Man City, coach Pep Guardiola paid respect to Arsenal’s progress this season.

Pep Guardiola praises Arsenal

Man City has officially won the Premier League 2022/23 after Arsenal’s 0-1 defeat to Nottingham. After a 1-0 victory over Chelsea, The Citizens officially opened the festival.

This season, Man City has not started very well. Up to the beginning of 2023, there were times when they were 8 points behind Arsenal. 

However, the extremely high performance at the end of the season of Man City plus the decline of Arsenal helped teachers and coach Pep Guardiola to rise and now become champions. 

Pep Guardiola and Man City won the Premier League 2022/23.

The Spanish strategist admits that this has been a difficult season for Man City. At the same time, he also praised Arsenal after great progress this season. 

“We have a tough competition with Arsenal this season. It’s really a special opponent. Arsenal are often not appreciated in the championship race. So they have a right to be proud of what they have done. do it this season, for me, they’re also winners.

Arsenal made me think a lot about what I have to do to beat them. We work tirelessly and never give up.

We have the feeling that we have to win every game. Otherwise we won’t be able to win.

I congratulate Arteta on what he has done. He brought Arsenal back to the way it was in the past. Like Liverpool in previous seasons, Arsenal this season makes us always try our best, reach our limits.”

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