Paul Pogba received a rain of compliments after the draw with Sevilla

Coach Massimiliano Allegri praised Paul Pogba after the 1-1 draw between Juventus and Sevilla, the French star played prominently when coming on from the bench.

Juventus, although playing at home in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final 2022/23, let Sevilla concede the first goal. Youssef En-Nesyri opened the scoring in the 26th minute, giving the Spanish team the lead.

As if Sevilla would be sure to win, in the 90+7 minutes, Juventus won a valuable draw thanks to Federico Gatti’s work. Before that, there was the assist phase of Paul Pogba. The former MU midfielder had a situation where he headed for Gatti to easily put the ball into an empty net.

Paul Pogba in the match against Sevilla

This is a match where Paul Pogba only entered the field from the 70th minute, but he played prominently during his time on the field. Coach Massimiliano Allegri praised Paul Pogba after the game, saying: “I know Pogba can make a difference when he’s on the pitch.”

“When he plays in the opposition half, he is an extraordinary player. If Pogba is in optimal condition, I would obviously start him. He made a great contribution to the team. I’m really pleased with his performance against Sevilla.”

Pogba is likely to have his first start of the season when Juventus face Cremonese at the weekend. If he continues to play well, he can be on the starting list in the second leg against Sevilla in Spain in the middle of next week.

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