Paul Pogba is disappointed because MU fans do not love him

In a recent statement, Paul Pogba continues to make MU fans angry when this player thinks that he is not loved by the fans of this team.

In 2022, Paul Pogba left Juventus after an unsuccessful time with MU. However, the French midfielder was injured before the 2022/2023 season and had to sit out almost the whole season.

Recently, in an interview with Views, Pogba suddenly shared that he was not loved by MU fans. The midfielder said: “I left MU when I was young, a time when everyone wanted to prove themselves. I came to Juventus, it was a challenge for me. But almost immediately, I felt the love. the feeling that little fans have for me.

It didn’t take long for me to see how much Juventus loved me. I also like the way they work, it helps me to learn many things. Then I returned to MU knowing that my duty at Old Trafford was not yet completed.

Paul Pogba thinks that MU fans do not love him

I remind myself of my desire to play in the starting XI. That goal has been achieved, and for me, it’s a huge step forward. My teammates and I brought the title for MU, although it was not the Premier League, but at that time, Man Utd also experienced a long thirst for titles.

If I can easily feel the love of Juventus as well as the fans of this team, at MU, things are not like that. I am not loved by MU fans like at Juventus. I feel quite surprised, also quite sad when that is what awaits me on the day I return to England.

However, both Juventus and MU are my favorite teams. Both have helped me grow and I can only say thank you. I could have chosen another destination, but Juventus and MU are the words of the heart and I am the one who likes to let the heart decide.”

The above sharing of Pogba is said to be aimed at MU fans who often criticize the midfielder for his attitude on the field. One of the reasons why Pogba is criticized is that the midfielder … changes his hairstyle too much.

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