Patrick Vieira: “Arsenal needs more personality in the squad”

Patrick Vieira has pointed out the things that Arsenal need to improve to aim for a Premier League title in the future.

Former Arsenal captain Patrick Vieira admits that this year’s Premier League title race is over. The French legend thinks that Man City’s 3-0 win in the early game against Everton has hurt Arsenal.

Patrick Vieira: Arsenal need more personalities in the squad

“I’m sorry to say this, but it’s impossible for City to lose the title now. Arsenal must win today’s match. But they didn’t play a match like we expected.

The lack of energy can be seen and it seems that Man City’s match results have drained all the energy from their feet. Arsenal didn’t do well enough today to win the game.”

Patrick Vieira also thinks Arsenal need a squad with more personality if they want to close the gap with Man City.

“Martin Odegaard is a technical leader on the pitch. But what Arsenal lacked was the presence of physical prowess, a leader who could scare people off if they weren’t playing at the level Arsenal expected. They need to build a squad with more personality and competition.

There is no doubt about the ability of Arsenal. They are playing very good football. But there is still a difference between them and Man City. When you look at Man City, you feel the physical quality of the players. They are about 1m90 tall and very strong.

Arsenal will learn from the current situation and that will make them stronger next year. There are also some pieces that are still missing on the pitch – a centre-back and a right-back.

In midfield, they need more steel. In attack, you need more players who can score goals. If they bring in three or four players for the starting line-up, it will be a step closer to Man City.”

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