Officially concluded the arbitration case with Andy Robertson

The Football Association (FA) will not issue a penalty to assistant referee Constantine Hatzidakis after elbowing Andy Robertson.

Referee Constantine Hatzidakis has apologized to Andy Robertson after he raised his arm towards the Scotsman at half-time during Liverpool’s clash with Arsenal over the weekend. Hatzidakis’ elbow collided with Robertson’s face as he approached the assistant referee.

Officially concluded the arbitration case with Andy Robertson

Both the PGMOL and the FA have confirmed they will investigate the incident. Hatzidakis explained to PGMOL director Howard Webb Sunday night. Mr Hatzidakis is devastated by what has happened and will not be attending any games this weekend.

There were calls for Hatzidakis to receive a suspended sentence. But the 38-year-old referee spoke to Robertson and apologized. After conducting separate discussions, the FA also decided that no further punishment was needed in this case.

The FA said in a statement: “We have thoroughly reviewed all evidence regarding the recent incident at Anfield involving the Liverpool defender and the referee. We will not take any further action.

We have comprehensively reviewed the detailed statements from Liverpool and the PGMOL, as well as the various angles of the situation, in relation to the incident and the surrounding circumstances.”

Hatzidakis also confirmed to return to work soon in the future: “I had an open and positive discussion about this issue directly with Andy Robertson. My intention wasn’t to collide with Andy when I just raised my hand towards him. On this point, I apologise.”

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