OFFICIAL! The next name to leave Chelsea after Felix

On his personal page, one more player confirmed that he is no longer attached to the Blues after this year’s season ends.

Mauricio Pochettino is the man to be trusted to steer the Blues next season. However, Pochettino’s task at Stamford Bridge is certainly difficult. He will soon have to stabilize the situation and get the team back on a winning trajectory.

But in the immediate future, Pochettino must find a way to streamline the squad. Chelsea have a bulky and inconsistent squad. The former PSG coach will have to push away names that are no longer suitable, and add a few positions that he considers necessary for the team. 

Zakaria is no longer attached to the Blues.

The 2023 transfer window will certainly play a big role in Chelsea’s success or failure next season. As soon as he came to power, Pochettino determined not to buy Joao Felix outright. In addition, Denis Zakaria is the latest name to follow in the footsteps of Felix leaving Chelsea.

Specifically, Denis Zakaria confirmed: “It was a difficult time but you guys always supported me. Thank you everyone for supporting me. Let’s focus on good memories. Bye. 

The 26-year-old star has left a certain mark in the Chelsea shirt since joining the team last summer on loan from Juventus. However, in a season where Chelsea had too many fluctuations, Zakaria could hardly make it.

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